Start-Ups — Finding Funding!

June 23 16:47 2014
Institutional funding in Start-ups is still in a nascent stage in India. Less than 300 Start-ups get institutional funding each year. From selling their houses to collecting small amounts from their friends, Start-ups have used all possible jugaad to survive. SMEJoinup brings a book that is not a compilation of biographies but a story of nineteen such Start-ups that spurned the traditional methods and figured out innovative ways to fund their ventures.

“I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.” 
― Banksy

What is that one thing that triggers this drive within a human being to go on. Is It money, Is it luxury, is it lust, power, greed!!!  What is it that made Einstein come with the theory of relativity, the need to explore timeless dimensions, that made Newton discover the law of attraction… oops, I meant the law of gravity (it’s the same thing, is’nt it?), Alexander discovering penicillin, Willam Cullen inventing artificial refrigeration (God bless his soul… it’s so damn hot, the cool ice water feels like nectar from heaven!). It’s simple, as Einstein put it “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”.

That’s what a startup is. It’s a dream, a vision, a passion, an imagination, waiting, wanting, striving, jumping to feel, to find a ground, to find a companion, to leave a legacy. Talk to an Entrepreneur, fresh into the world of the already established and entrenched, and you feel his stifles, his fist thumping the table and his voice shouting out loud “Listen you Mr. Know It All, I know I’m not there yet, but I will be, all I want is that chance.” To an entrepreneur’s utter exasperation and bewilderment, even people who once were startup themselves and now have become flourishing businesses, listen to the ideas with a straight-jacketed approach almost ready to be discarded even without exploring its full reach. It is this need of startups that needs to be addressed before we lose these new brains that lay the path for new lives defining generations. SMEJoinup, a connecting platform for small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and investors brings a book fuelling that fire helping bootstrapped start-ups with little or no funds, find innovative techniques to realize their vision.

Priced at INR 280/-, the book is set for launch on 28th June in Pune with an attendance of eminent personalities, Mr. Anant Sardeshmukh (Director General, MCCIA) as the Chief Guest, Anand Lunia, Founder at India Quotient, a VC fund and Sunanda Mehta, Resident Editor, Indian Express as Guest of Honours. To order copies of the book please visit

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