PSLV C-23 Blasted off Successfully from Sriharikota; Prime Minister Modi Praises Scientists’ Great Efforts behind the Mission

June 30 17:12 2014

PSLV C-23Sriharikota, Monday, June 30 – June 30, 2014 will be registered as an unforgettable day in the history since the Indian Space Research Organisation successfully blasted off PSLV C-23 with 5 satellites from Sriharikota at around 9:52 am, making all Indians feel proud.

All steps to make the polar satellite’s launch successful were followed. Dedicated efforts of the scientists imparted huge role in setting the benchmark, which will be remembered by the generations to come. Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated all technicians and scientists who left no stone unturned in making the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-C23’s launch an incident that can never be forgotten.

All eyes glued on the TV screens as various news channels showed the live telecast of the launch. The PM was exhilarated to meet four generations of scientists under one roof. The masses felt connected with Modi’s speech what he gave to laud scientists. He was crystal clear in thoughts while praising the people, without whom it was never possible for the country to show off its satellite capability.