Veggies and Seasonal Fruits Burn Hole in Customers’ Pocket during Peak Festive Time

September 30 13:16 2014

vegetable New Delhi, Tuesday, September 30 – Expenses of several households have gone up during the festive season in view of the fact that massive increase in the prices of fruits, dry fruits and kitchen staples has been observed. If latest report from the fruit and veggie market is to be trusted then rates of season fruit have shot up by 40-50 percent taking into consideration huge demand during auspicious occasion of Navratri – a period when several devotees observe fast.

Not only this, common vegetables like potato and tomato, along with bottle gourd & carrot, are burning holes in the pockets of the customers. The steep augment in the cost of various useful items, which are required during this festive season, is dampening the festive spirit of the general public. Buckwheat flour, sago, sweet potato, peanuts etc. are being sold at higher rates. ‘Fast period is generally supposed to keep the budgets down, however, inflated rates of several products are pinching our pockets’, said a customer in the retail market.

Here is to mention that potato which was sold around Rs 30 a week ago is now sold at Rs 40 per kilogram. Tomato is hiked by almost Rs 10 and sold in the range of Rs 50 to Rs 60 (depending on the quality of the veggie). At the arrival of 9-day long Navaratri festival last week, a number of sellers engaged in fruits and vegetables business started to sell their products at elevated rates, making several inhabitants to leave useful items in the shop only. For getting a dozen of bananas, residents had to shell around Rs 50 to Rs 60.

Same sort of increase has been observed in the prices of apples, pears, pineapples and oranges. As per recent information from close sources, cost of various commodities will stay up till Diwali. Slight respite from inflation might be observed in between but people will have to spend the lion’s share of money for food products for next two to three weeks. As the festive period will be over, rates start to lie within the budget of several families, relieving the stress of spending almost double the price of particular items. More to the point, by the time reports regarding a slight slash in the cost of petrol has come in the limelight, resident look forward to further decrease in the cost of various crops, which are suppliied from one state to the other as per demand.

Veggies and Seasonal Fruits Burn Hole in Customers’ Pocket during Peak Festive Time