Yellow, White Metals Retain Gleam Thanks to Higher Demand

September 30 18:08 2014

silver and goldNew Delhi, Tuesday, September 30 – Gold and silver market seemed getting back on the track as significant rise was observed on Tuesday as well. On one hand, the yellow metal soared by INR 40 to INR 27,340 per ten gm in Delhi, while on the other hand, white metal prices were shot up by INR 100 to INR 39,700 per kilogram.

Given that a number of factories and coin manufacturer place huge demand for silver during the festive period, white metal prices usually inflate. At the same time, mounting demand from jewellery makers and traders prompt the increase in the rate of gold, to match the requirements of various buyers. The gleam of both precious metals would last up to the end of October in view of the fact that several couples will tie the wedding knot in the peak marriage period.