Is Early Winter a Tad Warmer this Year?

November 28 11:48 2014

winter startNew Delhi, Friday, November 28 – Climatic conditions of each country have direct and indirect impact on several things, be it lifestyle of the general public, production of the seasonal crops or temperature of the surroundings. Delhi weather has been a little bit warmer this year as compared to the same month in the earlier years. As per latest available reports, maximum temperature will vary in the range of 29 degree Celsius and 28 degree Celsius during the weekend.

The possibility of a drop up to 3 degree Celsius is, though, likely next week but frostiness would only be felt in the early hours and late night. According to weather reports, percentage of humidity will remain in between 17 to 22 for the coming week. Minimum temperature will drop from 14 degree Celsius to 11 degree Celsius. The gust is probable to increase the wintry feel in the next few days as its speed is supposed to increase from 6 km per hour to 24 km per hour. If this happens instantly then likelihood of a tad frosty days would augment.

However, people would wake up to sunlit mornings at least for a week. Sky will remain clear. Intensity of heat during the noontime will be high. If truth be told, it wouldn’t be easy for the masses to stand under the sun continuously even for a couple of minutes. The climate may change rapidly after mid-December. As of now, no sign for severe winter is apparent despite the fact that November is about to end. The residents of the national capital find weather of the present month slightly warmer, nonetheless, are leaving no stone unturned to gear up in advance to spend peak winter without any trouble.