Focus on Making Evening Snacks Nutritious to Add Up Life and Improve Stamina, Says Study

December 31 13:45 2014

snackNew Delhi, Wednesday, December 31 – The significance of having healthy evening snacks can’t be overlooked by any means for the reason that these are major source of refilling power in the body which is pivotal post spending hectic hours in office or at home while completing numerous chores in sheer perfection, mentioned a recent research

Tea time snacks have the power to light up mood. By the use of desired ingredients which are nutritious in nature, delicious foodstuffs can be prepared within short span of time. Good and disciplined eating is indispensable to build strength and avoid problems in digestive system. Heavy calorie shouldn’t be taken with a hot cup of tea, coffee or soup. This doesn’t mean at all the people say a clear no to oil or butter but this should be taken in limit.

Crispy pearl millet chakli, homemade cheese wafers, pasta with lots of fresh vegetables, mushroom sandwich, brown rice, bread fritters are ideal for snacking. Health experts advise populace to consume fresh fruit juices instead of aerated drinks if they wish to lead a healthy lifestyle for several decades, the study stated further.