Snowfall in Srinagar Sends Chill to Delhi

January 30 11:19 2015

winter 1 roadNew Delhi, Friday, January 30 – Thursday brought first snowfall of the season for Srinagar, bringing broad smile on the faces of tourists, who travel the Kashmir valley in peak winter season to witness white blanket of snow all around.

The effects of snowfall were experienced by the people residing miles away. Despite waking up to a clear day yesterday, the residents of Delhi shivered especially in the late hours since the minimum temperature settled at 4.8 degrees Celsius, which is lowest temperature on Jan 29 in five years. Weather of the national capital is forecasted to remain pleasant. Sunshine will be bright, enabling everyone to relax a bit under the sun. However, speed of the gust will continue to bring icy feel in the environment. Wind blowing at the pace of 21 km per hour is all set to compel populace to dress up in layers.

According to recent reports about the weather conditions, mercury will rise from 16 to 19 degree Celsius and 8 to 11 degree Celsius. Likelihood of rain on February 3 gives a clear indication that escape from winter is not possible in the near future. As per weathermen, weather cycle has changed to a certain extent. And this is the reason why winter sets in late and biting cold & chilly waves keep on making the inhabitants to shiver up till March.

The only respite at the present is visible thanks to no fog, making the commuting part vastly easy. Flights are taking off on time and arrival & departure of trains have also come on track. Passengers are more than happy now since they are able to reach desired destinations on the dot and don’t have to reschedule the plan. Here is to mention that travelers faced huge trouble when smog enveloped the metropolis in early January, leaving no other option for them but to stay stranded for indefinite time frame.