A Big No to Excessive Oil in Food Lets People Steer Clear of Alzheimer’s Risk, Mentions Study

February 27 10:27 2015

foodNew Delhi, Friday, February 27 – Deep frying is one of the common practices in the Indian households. It is probably not easy for the majority to think about having a meal which is par boiled, baked, nutritious and healthy. Oily food can bring a broad smile on the faces of food lovers, who can’t compromise with the flavors and originality of the looks of served eatables in any way.

A latest study drew attention to the disadvantages of consuming more of the fried stuffs as compared to wholesome diet. It mentioned that fried foodstuffs may be responsible to increase the risk of Alzheimer.

Dementia and memory loss symptoms could be figured out among the people who have been eating excess oil from a long time.  Here is to mention that the number of Alzheimer patients increased across the world in the last few years. Nothing is going to come for Indians’ rescue until and unless they get to differentiate between healthy and poor diet.

Stuffing stomach with roasted and grilled vegetables, tofu etc. should be avoided as well in case people do not want to feel the slow but sure decrease in the ability to think and remember crucial incidents. The level of difficulty rises when they couldn’t even recognize family members and close friends for a while.

Since the calorie content is higher in fried items, it takes much time for the body to properly digest it. Oil and spices could even make inhabitants face the attack of acidity. Burning sensation into the food pipe for more than a few months could give rise to other health issues if a perfect assistance isn’t sought from health experts.

To be on a safer side for several decades to come, foods with full of fat should be replaced with boiled or slightly sauté veggies. Pouring too much oil while preparing meal should be avoided too. Fruit intake and inclusion of a bowl of curd & some milk must top the list. Water shouldn’t be substituted with soft drinks and beverages as it being crucial element to flush toxic elements from the human body, making the skin glow and wrinkles free, the research mentioned further.