Clear Sky to Make Populace Face Intense Heat in Capital during Noontime

February 27 09:23 2015

sunny dayNew Delhi, Friday, February 27 – Huge transition in climate is being witnessed in the national capital from past one week. At times, sky goes clear, while now and then, partial cloud increases the likelihood of rainfall. At a period where weathermen predicts showers to lash Delhi roads after a couple of days, it becomes difficult for the populace to bear the intense heat, which is all set to create a bit of trouble right from early morning.

The harshness in the sunshine is supposed to be higher & intolerable during noontime. The extremeness would last for a long time, making Delhiites to drop the idea of sitting under direct sunlight for several minutes.  The change in weather conditions of the city is not easy to understand but some predict it a u-turn of the winter which is common every year before summer season knocks at the door.

This is the reason why rain probability is up during the month-end. The new month could start on a slightly colder note for the reason that 90 and 40 percent downpour is predicted on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Humidity on these days is assumed to go up and fluctuate in the range of 72 and 91 percent. Situations are supposed to come on track after that and climate will be soothing on Holi as well.

As of today, maximum and minimum temperatures will be 26 and 13 degrees Celsius, respectively. An augment of some notches are forecast for tomorrow despite the fact that sky is gonna be partly overcast. Temperature will dip to a certain extent on the weekend, bringing the wintry conditions back in the metropolis. Speed of the wind from Friday till Sunday will speed up from 11 km per hour to 32 km per hour.