Bhakti’s Team Defeats Nikita’s Squad in Kerala by Serving Flavorsome Cuisines

February 27 11:51 2015

masterchef2New Delhi, Friday, February 27 – In an interesting challenge at MasterChef India Season 4 wherein contestants had to come out of the comfort zone and prepare food in the beautiful surroundings of Kerala for 30 body builders and great chefs Vikas Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer Barar

All the 10 contestants were divided into two teams – blue and red. The blue team was led by the 21-year-old Nikita Gandhi, while the red by Bhakti. Karishma, Meenu, Pratibha and Priyanka were to work under the leadership of Nikita, who got ‘flavor-e-azam’ twice for creating outstanding cuisines earlier. While on the other hand, Neha, Drishti, Ashish and Vijay had to assist Bhakti to prepare 8 differently tasting special Kerala recipes.

Despite accomplishing all the tasks by keeping the calm and focusing on flavors, the blue team was defeated at the hands of red team, which made several mistakes during food preparation. Even judges told them the risk of serving overcooked vegetables on such a bigger platform.

Payasum made by eldest contestant Meenu got the words of praise but at the end it was Bhakti’s teammates that won the hearts and got 22 votes out of 33. Nikita and other member of blue team couldn’t believe of getting just 11 votes. Nikita is safe from elimination this week as she prepared delicious and incomparable dish with Vijay in the beginning. The threat of eviction is looming on rest of her colleagues. The one who prepares a lip-smacking recipe in the next round will be able to shine, while remaining three will have to pour hundred percent efforts to avoid elimination. Audience is curious to see who gets success to impress the judges and who fails to do this.