Author, Hardeep Dhull, With Remarkable Life Story Releases New Novel To Critical Acclaim

October 31 21:22 2017

NEW DELHI, INDIA – 10/31/2017 — The Life of Hardeep Dhull is a story in itself. He has witnessed terrible hardship and struggle, set aside his dreams to help his family, and made a personal commitment to recognize the importance of organ donation and grow the practice among his community. Hardeep Dhull found the time to begin writing and, finally, his work is being seen with the release of his new book, Indian Wrestling Queen.

The story follows Roshni, a young woman from a conservative background who has to overcome the hardships and expectations of society to pursue her dreams in the wrestling ring. Can her passion for her dreams overcome the obstacles in her way or will she be forced to compromise and settle for the life her family and her society has set for her?

The story is relatable for people from all walks of life who have had to face challenges of their own whether they’re imposed by friends, family, or society. Hardeep Dhull believes readers will find a personal connection to the protagonist in the story.

Already, the book has been gaining notoriety after becoming available on Amazon. A launch event in Delhi was hosted by Nitibha Kaul of Bigg Boss 10 fame to help introduce the newest story from Hardeep Dhull to the world.

The road to releasing a book has not been as easy one for Hardeep Dhull. Him and his family members made incredible sacrifices for his education and, even after completing his studies, he found difficulty finding employment. After finding a job, he was forced to quit and move back to help his family on the farm. While working on the farm, Hardeep Dhull managed to find time to write and accomplish his goals in spite of the hardships he had experienced. Finally, his dedication and hard work has paid off as his book, Indian Wrestling Queen, is available for readers around the world.


Hardeep Dhull is a 27 year old author who studied as an aircraft engineer. He comes from an illiterate farming family which makes his journey so incredible. Through hard work and perseverance, he has been able to achieve his dreams and show the world what he is capable of. Indian Wrestling Queen is a story that many people will be able to identify with as the character struggles with obstacles experienced by many. The book is available online from Amazon.

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