Sunny and Hot Delhi Climate a Big Trouble for Daily Commuters

April 30 13:20 2015

summer coverNew Delhi, Thursday, April 30 – Change in weather conditions are always a big trouble for the inhabitants residing in different corners of the world. Problems are a bit more for Indians who encounter summer, rain, winter and retreating monsoon for a considerable span of time every year.

At the present, high temperatures are causing problems for the populace. Nights yet remain pleasant where winds are perfectly doing their job of providing desired comfort.

At least, households with a few or no room cooling equipments have a reason to heave a sigh of relief. But there is no rescue from intense heat during the daytime. 37 degree Celsius to 39 degree Celsius maximum temperature, coupled with shiny day, is making people avoid coming under the contact of direct sunlight.

17 per cent to 27 per cent dampness is adequate to make people sweat in the noontime. Hours of trouble last right from early morning till late evening. The inhabitants will have to encounter same scenario in the wake of intolerable sunshine. They would continue to witness clear mornings in view of the fact that no overcast is probable in the near future.

This will add to the troubles for the mob as only a few hours are left for May to start – a month when summer hits its peak. As of this week, minimum temperature will oscillate between 23 degree Celsius and 26 degree Celsius. Speed of the wind will vary between 14 km per hour and 16 km per hour.