Fear Makes Earthquake Survivor Leave Kathmandu As Early As Possible

April 30 11:40 2015

nepalNew Delhi, Thursday, April 30 – None would have ever thought in dream that beauty of Nepal will be destroyed within a few seconds ever. But this happened when a 7.9 magnitude tremor made several historic monuments and residential buildings to collapse on Saturday. Earthquakes kept on threatening them even the next day, leaving no option for the general public to leave all precious things in the destroyed structures, collect a few essential items for survival and come out to sleep in tents.

Rain increased the wintry feel. Toughest part was and is to let small kids understand how to cope up with the situation when natural disaster like the recent quake badly hit the mountainous nation. Several countries – India holding the leading spot – joined hands to offer help to Nepal in this hour of calamity. Kathmandu is full of debris at present. The region which spellbound tourists and countrymen with unmatched beauty for several years is no more a preferred place to stay. People are eager to leave Kathmandu as early as possible as they have no food to eat and water to drink.

Despite a number of efforts by India and other nations, earthquake survivors complained of not getting the basic things needed for human existence. This is the reason why angry victims protested against Sushil Koirala, the Prime Minister of Nepal, when he visited to see people in relief camps a day ago.

Situations have started to come back on track but the warnings of tremors in the upcoming days made populace to live in fear. Everyone seemed eager to board a bus that was leaving Kathmandu on Wednesday. Double fare was charged from the passengers. Dead bodies were pulled out from the wreckage yesterday as well. Amid all odds, a few cheated death. One among them was a 4-month-old kid who made everyone believe in God and miraculous escape.