Is Quota System in Jobs a Boon or Bane?

May 29 11:37 2015

office wrkNew Delhi, Friday, May 29 – Whenever a community starts demanding reservation up to a few percent in government jobs, the number of people who have learnt to keep best foot forward on the basis of talent since childhood are taken by surprise.

Gujjar community is making the headlines from past one week the time they obstructed the Delhi-Mumbai railway route in Rajasthan. They eye 5 per cent reservation in government jobs. Such demands sometimes appear impractical. Of course, people belonging to the group would contradict this opinion but a major concern at this stage why not they motivate kids to school and start learning the things right from the basics.

What if every single caste comes up with such demands? General caste demanding somewhere around 20 to 30 percent reservations and other groups asking for 10 to 15 percent! Probably people will start telling their children not to work too hard and rely on reservations in jobs. It was surprising to see young kids taking part in damaging and blocking railway tracks along with the senior members of the community.

Affecting the masses via one or other way can’t be appreciated in any case. Western Railways met huge losses in the last one week time as travelers who got their reservations to travel between Delhi and Mumbai by means of rail services were left with no option but to cancel their tickets at the last moment. Many who had planned to spend summer vacations with family and attend friends’ marriage were flabbergasted. High Court ordered to clear rail tracks as quickly as possible.

The agitation ended as well after Rajasthan government gave its consent to 5 percent quota a day ago. The stir has now been called off but is it actually the end of all troubles or the beginning of several seen and unseen problems. The youngsters who pour hundred percent efforts to attain the goals set in life get bothered due to quota system. Percentage, certainly, isn’t the criteria of judging anyone’s ability but to a certain extent this is important as well. Imagine a person with 80 + percent throughout his academics is offered a same salary as that of an employee who is in the company on the grounds of reservations not for his education.

If demands are Gujjars is approved, no wonder if governments of different states have to agree on similar stuffs in the near future. Blocking rail routes for 7 to 8 days gave them something what new generations would have achieved after years of hard work by gaining knowledge. Understanding of subjects is imperative and there is no short cut to success.

Dedication towards assigned role has got the substance given that it puts an effect on future outcomes. A bank can’t think of elaborating various investment plans to customer until and unless the staffs aren’t clear of the banking fundamentals. An engineer can’t imagine of constructing dams, bridges and flyovers if he lacks of the key basics that set foundation of structures’ robustness. What about a doctor in operation theatre with expertise in this regard! A lot should be thought prior coming to final outcome as it directly and indirectly affects the masses and pass on a message, which could either be positive or negative.