Horrendous Power Fluctuations Leave Delhiites in Sweat

May 29 09:51 2015

power cutNew Delhi, Friday, May 29 – As like many other Indian states, the capital is bearing the brunt of hot climatic conditions from more than a couple of weeks. After early morning dust storm on Thursday, slight drop in mercury was observed and many expected for sudden respite from searing heat. However, vice-versa happened.

The sunlit afternoon restricted people within the premises. Streets were less crowded as individuals wanted to stay away from heat wave and a bright sunny day. Delhiites even woke up to a sun-drenched morning on Friday. Slight respite was visible when sun hid behind the partial clouds but soon appeared to take mercury up.

If latest reports from weathermen are to be believed then huge expectations about quick relief could let down populace in view of the fact that maximum temperature today will be 43 degree Celsius, while minimum temperature 29 degree Celsius. The frightening level of ultra violet radiations in the metropolis are due to increasing temperature during peak summers. Given that the gust blows at the pace of 13 km per hour, it turns horrendous during noon after being coupled with intense heat that is skin piercing. Humidity to remain 20 per cent but will augment during the weekend.

Hazy sunshine will offer some respite but that is not going to last for long. What inhabitants eye at this point of time is showers lasting a bit long. Instability in power is bothering Delhi populace to a greater extent. The fluctuations start early in the evening and continue to show a bitter face up till the wee hours. “ We couldn’t make effective use of electrical appliances post 8 pm these days due to sudden rise and fall in voltage. There is no fixed time for power outage as well. “Air conditioners that require proper voltage to operate couldn’t take the load as power fluctuates to an unimaginable extent mostly up to 3 am. Lack of sleep has started to affect our daily works as well. 6 hour sleep is hardly we get,” a common reply from the residents living in different sectors of national capital regions. “Situations weren’t that worse a year ago,” they added further.

Problems are indescribable for homeless during entire May. The baked-like situation in tin shades and portable cabins add to suffocation, leaving no option for them but to sleep on footpath and under flyovers. “We risk our lives every new day. Apart from the challenge to manage two-time meals, the key issue right now is to get some air to relax. After spending as a minimum of 14 to 16 hours to build apartments, the only thing we eye is to have a sound sleep but the impermanent shelters, which are usually crowded during bone-chilling cold, have no coolers and a few fans are not adequate to spread the air all around, leaving us in sweat. We feel dehydrated and no energy in body towards the end of the day,” said some daily wage workers who expect government to do the needful  in this regard and offer some relief at the earliest.

The deaths in the country due to heat wave have crossed the mark of 1800 and may go up more if mercury doesn’t decline soon. Elderly populace, beggars and people without a roof over their head are hit hard during May, which bathed in light right from the beginning.