High Authority Backlinks from News Sites: Case Study by Reselect.org

May 29 19:20 2015

The pattern of link building is constantly changing. There were times when blog comments and forum profiles were enough to propel rankings of a site to first page of Google. With softwares able to chunk out thousands of links within hours, this technique came to limelight and eventually led to huge rank drop penalty. It was followed by massive social bookmarks, public blog networks and so on, but every method died after they were used massively. The trend now is high authority backlinks from news sites which help in rankings improvement apart from boosting credibility in search engines.

The massive drawback such high authority links have is that they are too costly and hence people with good spending power can avail them while small webmasters are out of game in many niches. Recently, Reselect.org conducted a research on one of the websites which it has been tracking for 3 medium competition keywords with an average competition of 22,000 searches per month. The targeted site had 7 backlinks from traditional comments, forum posts and 1 niche related site and was on 3rd and 4th page of Google for all 3 keywords.

The targeted site received 1 backlink in mid April from a popular news site whose pagerank was 8 and domain authority was 91. After 2 weeks, the position of 2 out of 3 keywords changed with 2 keywords ranking on first page while the third keyword jumped to page number 2. Apart from that, it was noticed that websites targeting similar keywords with average searches in range 20,000 to 30,000 and having at least 1 such link had place in page one of Google.

The trend of getting backlinks from news sites is currently new and less discussed. However, the potential of such links are huge considering the fact that they are out of reach of many webmasters due to high cost and also because they are less talked about to safeguard their future potential. While researching on such link providers, sites link BuySapeLinks.com emerge out which charge a premium amount for such links. Other sellers of such links also list such links by domain authority and page authority and charge accordingly. The domain authority of such news sites usually remain over 75-80 and hence they pass a good credibility signal to linked pages.

Google has been insisting on getting natural links by way of quality content. However, the webmasters who target commercial keywords do find a difficulty as the content on such websites mostly focuses around the commercial product itself.

However, it is expected that more and more webmasters would eventually go for big budget links as now the focus is more on quality and it would create a monopoly of webmasters who could chunk out good money for links.

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