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March 29 18:25 2018

A POETIC AND ELEGANT DWELLING THAT BEGINS A TRIKA TSANG LIFE – Encounters Hidden within the City’s Spiritual Manor…

When ancient text recorded my name, from the tip of the quill, acquired from the golden wing of the roc (Garuda), flowed traces of prosperity.

When I opened my mouth to speak to you, the sound echoed across the silhouette of a snowy plateau.

When I left to come to you, the impetuous Brahmaputra became a gentle valley, ripe with highland barley and fields of rising song.

When you were waiting for me, the red (Bianma) Wall and (Buzi) golden temple, extending to the clouds, enriched my vision for every inch of snow.

When we meet, I will listen to you, word by word, and you will remember my name.

— Trika Tsang


When ancient culture clashes with a young world, everything will begin to look different. (In the 8th century, Sanye Temple was built as Padmasambhava began to promote Buddhism in Tibet. It was the first monastery that encompasses Buddhas, Buddhist doctrine and monks altogether in this region.) Zhaxi Chi (alongside the Religious Seat in Tibetan language) was the natural and propitious seat that Padmasambhava used in Tibet while disseminating the dharma. The clans that received his Buddhist instructions consecrated the seat, as they believe it brings auspice to the family.

After many years, Padmasambhava became a story passed on to later generations, but that seat has been passed down through this ancient tribe to this day, this seat named “Chika” (alongside the religious seat in Tibetan language). This tribe is one that is near to listen to the sound of wisdom, and their footprints now extend from Tibet all the way to Chengdu today, where the blood of its people still lingers. Located at 18 Jinyu Street in Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan, “Chika” has become “Trika”, like its own inherited elegant atmosphere, like a pristine white lotus blooming serenely among the hustle and bustle.


Trika Tsang International Hotel, to the royal tribe that has accumulated for millennia and shoulders the responsibility and vision of Tibetan culture. For construction, scripture, music, painting, songs, clothes, and other art forms. The atmosphere throughout the hotel’s buffet, dining halls, tea halls, and other multi-function rooms and areas is rich in the ancient architectural styles of Tibet, all the while integrating modern art in a futuristic blend. The splendid and brilliant construction scrolls of Tibetan culture that is remade right in front of people, efforts that have built up the control to span a millennium for you. From the past to the present, it imagines the future of the journey of culture.


Trika Tsang International Hotel, the blood-borne duties of a tribe are voluntarily embraced, and the millennia-old culture will be reproduced for the world, upholding the memory of the artisans, whose hearts went into creating this building. Let the housekeepers’ duties, which adhere to Bodhi wisdom and are for your spirit to cling to the warmth from discoverable details. They are a noble tribe that keeps close their cultural responsibilities, bringing you elegance without parallel through ancient and modern culture.

Friends, for your future journeys, we are the world that continues to exist outside of your thoughts or needs, again allowing you to pause again, giving your home and heart another place to rest.

The heredity of classic family and the style of TRIKA TSANG
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