Moflon Technology Company Participated in 21st Hannover Industrial Automation Exhibition

June 28 04:32 2018
21st Hannover Industrial Automation Exhibition, which came to a close only recently, was attended by Moflon Technology Company, along with many other exhibitors from across the world.

On November 30, 2017, the 21st Hannover Industrial Automation Exhibition came to a successful close. With more than 800 industrial automation companies as participants from 13 regional zones and countries, the exhibition is one of the largest and most influential one to be held in Hannover in 2017. Moflong Technology Company, a Shenzhen-based manufacturer of high-performing slip rings, participated in the exhibition in a bid to showcase their products to the global investor community.


The countries that had representation at the prestigious event included South Korea, US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, UK, Israel and Hong Kong of China. Manufacturers from almost all these nations displayed control robots, machine vision, industrial robots, machine parts, and more in the exhibition.

“The industry truly prides in Moflon Technology Company after it has proved its might via great technological prowess, meticulous preparation and high-end performance slip ring products. The product quality and design have attracted more merchants at home and afar, such that people stopped by to look, analyze, consult and then negotiate. Over the years, Moflon has stood for commitment towards provision of extraordinary performance 360 degree rotary electrifying and ventilation solutions for customers based worldwide. Buyers have shown interest to visit our manufactory, with many having been already decided to purchase products on the spot after communicating with our engineers at the exhibition and gaining deeper understanding about them”, said a top marketing executive present at the exhibition.


“It’s akin to a feast in the automation equipment industry, plus a journey worth remembering. Customers were all praise about Moflon, as evident from their opinions in the exhibition, which in turn allowed more users to vest their faith in Moflon as a cutting-edge solution provider and an indispensable contributor toward industrial development via high-quality products”, added the executive.

In the current years, Moflon has worked for a long-run development in slip ring industry. The company has a good sales network, offices in China and abroad, and it offers products and technical services for reputed companies, military units, research centers and colleges in China.

“We have managed to secure a leading position in the slip ring industry after depending on proper market operation ability. From now on, we will keep striving to offer high-quality and high-performance slip ring remedies for consumers all across the world in the approaching years and thereby target in catering to the global”, said the CEO and managing director of Moflon at a press conference held in Hannover.

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Moflong Technology Company is a China-based manufacturer of slip rings.

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