China International Fashion Week New Product launch of Flower Nine2019

October 31 17:44 2018

The Inspiration: Looking for the Legend of Sicily

History like a bridge, which is connected ancient and mysterious China and Western countries. Japanese artistic historian Kobayashi Tashiro related Rococo culture to China and called it “China-France style”. Making use of this kind of element, Flower Nine Studio takes audience on a journey to experience the collision between culture in China and the west in 18th century.

China International Fashion Week New Product launch of Flower Nine2019

Rococo style prefers nature, mostly based on shells and stones as its decoration theme. Also, It has peculiar affection for nature and females’ frail postures. Age will never comes back and it will turn into an illusion between us. At the same time, there will be an invisible glass. It keeps attacking us, leading us, guiding us… In order to achieve colorful, lush and gorgeous decoration , Flower Nine Studio uses nylon lace with dynamism, freedom, slenderness, lightness, beauty and transparency, colorful ribbon with golden and silver threads, C-shaped, S-shaped and shell-shaped spiral curves with subdued color.

At the same time, the studio also creates undulating curved surfaces by using textured fabrics, curved tridimensional laces with pleats; the main material intertwined with peacock blue and emerald highlights the prosperity of the curves, just as the moving clouds turn into the rain in early spring, to emphasizes the level and quality of the skirt and sleeves. Our workers employ dedicated embroidery, superb inlay as thin as wings of cicadas, expression skills with various features in width to create slender style of dressing. We hope that this series of clothes can make people to have highly praised for its complicated luxury, and manifest the last revelry of Bourbon Dynasty.

China International Fashion Week New Product launch of Flower Nine2019
Flower nine series

● The first series

Blooming flower of Rococo

The delicate woven lace, representing nobility in France in 18th century, is an indispensable element in the Rococo era of memorizing French luxury. When delicate materials and perfect patterns blend together, this lace performs as a gorgeous flower blooming among the clothing groups, revealing its mystery and elegance. With a ruffled skirt, the clothing not only shows a sense of exquisiteness but also the cuteness and playfulness in our childhood. The transition of basic colors is made with craftsman’s features, so that a large number of delicate colors such as white, gold, pink, pink, and yellowish are plain but not common, deep but not dull. It put the clothing under on under a enchanting and exquisite atmosphere, enables people to become the queen in the 18th European era, with calmness and full of wisdom, nobility and elegance to enjoy their terric life.

● The second series

The walking garden

Exaggerated shapes and luxurious fabrics create a sense of subtle elegance, luxury and romance. The use of large skirts and corsets brings up more virtual aggression to have access to the exaggerated styling people admired in the Rococo period, and a strong desire to protect faint girls. Skirts with exaggerated styles, the tassels and the complex decoration of the pearls, and the layering of the printed fabrics unfolds the level of the skirts and sleeves in the design, which attract persistent attention. When the soft and pure halo shines on the skirt, the combination of light and shadow changes into an imagination of life, floating in the clouds in the sky, as if it were a dream…

China International Fashion Week New Product launch of Flower Nine2019

● The third series

Alone in nature and latent in crowd

This, the management of uneven surface and embossment, derives from the imagination of nature with mystery, nobility and freedom. The surface treatment of the concavity and relief of the fabric, mysterious, noble and free, stems from the imagination of nature. It is the exquisite embroidery and the stacks of jewelry, buttons, and ribbons in the costume that indicates a beautiful, innocent color in a thorough way. The winding flowery dress is so long that drags on the ground, the lace of which makes its lines extraordinarily charming. This extremely luxurious resplendence makes it palpable for you to touch the style of this era. With luxury and exquisite clothing style, flower nine has gone through the time and returned back to Rococo period of luxury and gold. Combined with western aesthetic value, decorated with terrific and transparent lace, colorful ribbons with gold and silver threads adorned with silk cloth flowers and curved tridimensional ruffles, Flower nine brings European nobility back to flourish in front of you.

China International Fashion Week New Product launch of Flower Nine2019

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