Will Hockey Grab Eyeballs as Like Cricket Once Again?

June 29 23:42 2015

hockeyNew Delhi, Monday, June 29 – Every sport has different sets of rules, which are to be followed to play and emerge as a victor at the end. Many have already discussed why humongous fans for cricket not for hockey and the trend will go on further as this makes experts feel happy as they think the valid point has been made and talked about at the right time.

The popularity of cricket has grown with each passing year. The launch of T20 was a great success. It, in fact, added to the fan following. But how one can close eyes to the fact that cricketers are always on risk especially when facing arch-rivals. Indians could accept anything but not a defeat at the hands of Pakistan. Cricket rivalry goes at peak during bigger tournaments like the recently concluded World Cup. However, the greed for win increases slowly and steadily among the viewers.

The moment India lost the semi-finals and failed to make into the last blow, several fans showed the anger by damaging their TV sets and burning the effigy of the players, who were a tad earlier were leaving no stone unturned to play as a unit and be victorious. No team plays for losing the match. More than a few aspects impart huge role in the success and failure of playing XIs on the field. Hockey, as like cricket and any other sport, grabs eyeballs.

The lately played match between India and Pakistan in a showpiece subcontinent encounter might not made a number of audiences to turn up in the stadium thanks to its hosting in the other country but viewership has increased. Players associated with hockey love to watch cricket and cricketers enjoy hockey for the reason that sports make countrymen feel united and enjoy the thrill together.

Perhaps, the time has come when one should start praising all games played in the country and overseas equally. Hockey fever has started to grip countrymen post the opening match ended in a draw. Supporters of hockey eye victory of India and ready to back it as they do for cricketers. Hopes are up as people believe India will soon bask in the gory of success making the nation proud.