September to End on Warm Note as Clear Sky to Postpone Rain for a While in Delhi

September 24 08:40 2015

low humidityNew Delhi, Thursday, September 24 – Light rain was eyed a day ago but people were left with no option but to wait for droplets to wet the roads. It did not even drizzle yesterday. Less amount of downpour this month is not probable on a bit dry note.

Weather was pleasant on Wednesday, with gust blowing in average pace. Despite wind and normal temperature, the stickiness remained in the surroundings during the noontime, which was sunlit.

Evening hours brought some respite for the residents with temperature falling to a certain extent. Here is to mention that weathermen predict precipitation in the national capital and neighboring cities to be weak during the weekend that doesn’t turn true this time.

34 degree Celsius will be today’s higher temperature, while 24 degree Celsius to be the lower temperature. An increase of a few notches is on the cards further as sky is supposed to remain clear. Chances to witness same sort of weather conditions are strong. Rain may not be in sight for a couple of weeks. Humidity is to dip from 54 per cent to 44 per cent.

With no probability of precipitation in the near term, some regions are to receive plenty of sun. If truth be told then new month is to begin with abundant sunshine, however, moisture will drop up to considerable percentage. Wait to see partial cloud covers in the blue may get long for all those who are residing in different parts of the capital.

To be honest, many predict that weather might be alike as it was a year before during the same period. Not to forget that October was hot and humid in 2014.  Wintry feel knocked at the doors by the middle of November. Nonetheless, it did not last for long. Sunny days were back in the city and stayed up till early December.

People are observing the change in the weather cycle from the last few years. Human beings play with nature. Deforestation to build sky-high buildings, residential apartments and other modern structures is likely to take the temperature higher in the coming years. It is a thing to notice that the masses do not understand the need of playgrounds. Kids are bound to play on roads and that is risky due to continuous running of the vehicles.

The transition in weather is yet manageable but something is got to be done before it is too late to bring things on track. Plantation of saplings is imperative as these would grow up to give clean air to coming generations to breathe. The populace needs to get aware on this point given that it is highly important to make all those things perfectly fine what have been damaged in these many years. On Thursday, the gust is anticipated to offer some relief from heat impact but surroundings will be warm.