Dream Big to Make Impossible Thing Possible

September 24 13:00 2015

dreamNew Delhi, Thursday, September 24 – To lead an aimless life is worthless.  To be honest, there is no meaning of individual’s existence on the planet if nothing specific is attained.

What will be progress of  a country if students stop working hard and give up chasing their dreams to be engineers, scientists, lawyers, doctor, business professionals, writers and managers? The entire economy would topple the moment people bring their job to accomplish their duties with full honesty to a standstill.

Targets are achieved when one starts registering victories at a young age, making use of smaller platforms. Opportunities utilized during school or college gives better result in future. But that doesn’t mean that others who have never been into any educational institute are not able to do their bit.

Our society is full of such examples. Many have set benchmarks and instances for others to follow. Not only this, various self-motivated people have showed ray of hope to other human beings who were hunting for a source of inspiration. The thing that keeps boosting confidence of the populace and motivates them to be in plain sight is self-belief. Patting your own shoulders from time to time is important if they emerge as a victor in various tasks, no matter – small or big.

If skills and tools are sharpened to achieve a particular goal, all distractions and obstacles in the path of hard worker take a back seat.  None everyone can dare to dream for something unachievable but faith in capabilities help then see positive results in the last part. After all, it has been said right – “all’s well that ends well”.

Students who wish to be noticeable for their work must give their dreams wings to fly and that’s possible through extreme determination to attain goal. When one is eager to stand out amid others and follow the measures which could actually be rewarding  in the future, success couldn’t be faraway.  All items whether books or journals and something from archive should be collected and thoroughly studied if pupils actually want to turn their dream into reality.

Guidance is important. Besides this, right direction is to be followed before other things go off track. Thinking bigger is fair enough but small steps that are taken to achieve key objectives. The major key behind one’s successful stint on the globe is respect for time. People will never fail in life if each second is utilized wisely. The habit to finish assigned chores within definite time frame not only keeps tensions at bay but also imparts major role in boosting confidence. Achieving anything in life isn’t tough but maintaining the same momentum to be at top is.

Nothing is impossible in this world. Dashrath Manjhi, whose life has been showed beautifully in ‘Manjhi – the Mountain Man’ is a proof that it is the spirit of his that made him break an entire mountain in 22 long years using just a hammer and chisel. He remained poor from his birth till death but his strength to carve a way through the Gehlour hills took everyone, who knew him closely, by surprise. Is breaking a mountain doable? Answer would have been no had story of Manji wasn’t real. Answer of several questions lie within it. The only need is to comprehend it and pour efforts to be close to the objective and finally, achieve it. Only then meaning of taking birth will be crystal clear.