Slight Chill in Climate during Early & Late Hours Offers Delhiites Mild Soothe

September 25 13:27 2015

weather reportsNew Delhi, Friday, September 25 – High intensity heat is yet in the scenario and it keeps the climate slightly warm during the noontime and sundown. However, what recently took people of Delhi by surprise was the soothing transition, witnessed late last week. Thunderstorms and overcast sky were visible early this week as well but it was unfortunate that duration wasn’t long as expected earlier.

September has been hot and there is no doubt about it. Nevertheless, mild change in climate in the morning time and at end of the day is giving people a strong indication that early winters may be just a few days away. Despite Friday being a sunlit day, trivial chill feel let the walkers enjoy their walking time.

Weather of the city, including many other regions, have been unpredictable this year. Not to forget that unseasonal rainfall during March not only made wintry conditions to bounce back but also destroyed standing crops. More to this, summers were extreme too. Heat wave death toll during May-June period  in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana crossed 2200. Casualties due to intolerable in different states were also brought into light.

Showers lashed Delhi often in July, making several roads to submerge. Water logging and traffic jams due to heavy spell of rain exposed poor arrangements of the people sitting at the top positions. Despite the fact that it was mentioned that the metropolis is set for rainy weather, normal life was disrupted. Even though residents want precipitation to take place once again to introduce some respite from bright sunshine, they know what will be the condition of Delhi lanes after it. As far as weather of today is taken into consideration, it will be bathed in light. Maximum temperature and minimum temperature will correspondingly be 35 degree Celsius and 23 35 degree Celsius. 18 km per hour will be the speed of wind, adding to the comfort later on.