Veggies Prices to be Up till Holi; Potato for April Delivery also Ascends

February 28 15:02 2014

Vegetable PricesNew Delhi, Friday, February 28 – It has been more than a few years that rising prices of domestic goods, fruits and vegetables have made people to cut their expenses on the same. Sometimes it is the prices of onions which brought tears in their eyes, while at times, it is inflating rates of potatoes, tomatoes, garlic and ginger that make buyers think what to purchase and what not to.

If reports from close sources are to be trusted, then rates of potato for delivery in the first month of the upcoming quarter went sky-high by INR 23.20 to reach at INR 1,193.70 each quintal in business turnover of 92 lots. In fact, as per the wholesalers and the retailers, prices of the common as well as occasionally used vegetables will be up till ‘Holi’, which is just a few days away.

Mushrooms, yellow, cabbage, peas, cauliflower, green & red bell peppers, arbi, lady finger, brinjal and spinach are costing much more above the actual range. There is no chance of bargaining for the customers as well for the reason that shopkeepers do not want to lower down rates of any of the veggies even a little bit and state untimely rains responsible for this hike.

It is literally difficult for the people not to buy leafy vegetables, since rates are up once again these days after a slight respite during the winters. As per a latest study, everyone must consume some rigorous amount of fruits and vegetables regularly, to meet to the nutrients required by the body. However, this fact can’t be kept aside that sales of fruits have dipped to some extent due to their unaffordable range. At the present, when it is hard for families to bear the increasing rates of daily products, it seems nearly impossible for them to buy fruits in adequate quantities.

If same remain the condition in the fruit and vegetable markets, then there is huge possibility that coming generations might lack nutritional contents, which are chiefly found in veggies and fruit pulps. Since season of mangoes and other tropical fruits are only a few months away, it would be useless to find their availability in affordable price structure per kilogram.

Apart from these regular eatables, soaring rates of milk and other dairy products are also a prime reason of customers concern. Since most of the buyers will pay money for Khoya and cheese, milk prices might go a tad up too, though they were increased lately by Rs 2 per kilogram. As of now, customers will have to manage their house budget according to the inflated rates of the vegetables, which might come a tad lower after some months.