Save the Girl Child

October 31 09:46 2013

gir;October 31 – Children are a huge source of bringing happiness in our lives. The way they talk, the way they learn and the way they accomplish new tasks with utmost interests are some of the beautiful things that automatically catch attention and give us the moment to smile and forget all worries. But stop! There is a bitter side of this as far as focus is paid over a girl child.

At many places, be it villages or metropolitan cities, quite a lot of couples and their family members wish for having a boy as their first child and if this doesn’t happen, a big line up of children is formed until they do not get a baby boy. Besides, in any case if a mother refuses of having more kids, knowing that she might deliver a girl child once again, she is beaten badly and molested by everyone at home.

If children are so innocent, then what is the logic of killing them even prior to their arrival in this world? No matter it is a baby boy or a girl, first and the foremost thing to be noted is budding of a ‘new life’ inside mother’s womb. When we are hurt, we undergo through the feeling of pain, then why to hurt someone who has never known what is life & death and simply enjoying the phase of being inside her mother, growing bit by bit everyday.

Alone in our country, hundreds of thousands of girl fetuses meet death due to abortions, especially when there is already a girl child in the family. How senseless people have turned? No realization of others’ pain and that too, of babies who have just started breathing life within the wombs of their mothers. A boy gets all the love and affection of their parents, which is literally good as it is his part and rights, but same are the rights of baby girl as well. Things become wrong when love of girl’s portion is also given to the male child. But before doing so, just remember that same lessen will be learned by your baby boy and he would enjoy crushing desires of girls throughout his life. One saying suits best at this point as that is ‘we reap what we sow’.

Why do girls have to suffer everything and sacrifice their happiness every time? They have the right to smile, to be happy and to get education. Can’t we make a better world for them? There are of course some parents and families for whom daughters are their pride. They try to give even the things beyond their reach and it is simply because they love them to an indescribable extent. If you have a heart, then it is very easy to understand what a father and a mother feel when their daughter (s) has to leave for her in-laws house post marriage. But having the faith on their upbringing, they get to know their ‘life’ wouldn’t ever let their heads down.

A girl imparts the role of a true friend, mother, sister, daughter and wife and accomplishes all home & office tasks in no time, without letting anyone know about her tiredness. Respect their existence on the earth as imaging a world without them is just impossible. Stand tall to stop forced abortions and fetus killing and besides, create a better world for them to survive.