What’s Gonna be Hot Fashion Trend this Summer!

April 01 15:52 2014

clothes1New Delhi, Tuesday, April 1 – Summer is just here. People can feel the heat outside and even inside their house premises. Correct fashion trend can help you beat the luminous beams of sunlight, which alone gives rise to more than a few skin allergies that are hard to bear. If you have been hunting for the hottest summer fashion trends, then look no further as all your queries are going to be sorted out here only.

First and foremost thing one needs to consider is to take a good care of their body parts as they become more prone to extreme tanning during this season. Sunscreen lotion must be applied on a sunny day. If truth be told, don’t forget to have a sun block no matter it is a cloudy day. Apart from applying it on hands, face and neck, use the same on feet and at your back, which indirectly receives bitter heat. Whether you have a dark, wheatish or fair complexion, glow of natural skin shouldn’t be lost in any case. A tanned skin is what no one wants to see. So, it is better to have a keen observation over the SPF present in your suntan lotion, for a better reflection of attire and accessories you are going to put on. Entire fashion trend can sink pretty low when these few crucial points are ignored.

Now when attention is poured on kinds of garments to wear, then give preference to floral prints that play imperative role in adding a totally refreshing look. Front open sandals with small heels will complete the look. Striped bag, an attractive wallet and broad lens sunglasses will be an added bonus. Since a lot of people complain about having allergies with wrist watches due to excessive sweating, it would be good to say yes to stylish threaded bangles, which are available in innumerable hues and shapes.

Men are advised to go with checks and light color lining shirts in instead of dressing up entire wardrobe with plain outfits. Floaters will totally be out of fashion in 2014. Rather than getting so many pairs of footwear, go for chic loafers that seem amazing with casual attires. Blue and brown colors will be in. As far as superb and magnetic appearance is concerned, then must have at least a modish and designer aviator shaped sunglasses in black or silver frames.

Both men and women should shop for printed pants that will be a rocking trend this time. Do not forget to have an ultra modern mobile case in eye-catching colors like pink, yellow, green, orange and red. This will help in lifting up entire personality. There is one funda of owning amazing appearance & emerge as an icon and that is to give preference to light colors. The more you buy, the smarter you turn day by day.

There is a myth amongst teenagers and ladies in their early thirties that use of dark lipsticks and nail paints will give a highlight to their persona. This is the reason why they blindly choose a lot of purple, rosy red or coffee color lip shades. In place of buying them, get poppy shade or natural pink lipsticks. More to the point, instead of getting black, dark brown and blue nail colors, try grey and nude shades. You will be stunned to see yourself in refreshing hues but be sure that you buy branded ones and do not compromise with quality. For a new you, wrap around an animal printed scarf around your neck. So, what to wait for? Get up and just get ready to bring home chic stuffs that are essential for making summer season cozy and comfortable.