Learn ‘Easy to Make’ Breakfast Recipes Considering Health Benefits and Time

April 01 18:14 2014

foodNew Delhi, Tuesday, April 1 – One should never compromise on health matters for the sake of saving enormous time that is required for cooking healthy dishes. Since health is wealth, importance of nutritious ingredients becomes vital to know at any cost.

Most of us think healthy cuisines can never be tasty, but it is simply a myth as people lack information about heavenly tasting elements. Rather than digging into parathas, which are made from extra fat and heavy ingredients, it’s better to try new things in your cooking area.

Sauté freshly made paneer in a pan with sweet corns, some finely chopped spring onions and a few garlic cloves. Sprinkle salt and pepper according to taste. Take the mixture out and fill it in brown bread. It’s wholesome to have during early hours. Learn how to expand your zone of innovating dishes and keep on munching after regular intervals without any tension.